Nairage is a platform that is built to connect people to invest into each other by giving each other financial aid and fulfillment.


In these tough economic times where most people are living from pay cheque to pay cheque or rather lack of trust in the government structure and the financial system, there is a need for a system like Nairageto help relief the financial strain that most of the people in the world are being governed.

Nairageis not a financial institute or investment company, it is a platform developed to facilitate the process in which people can financially give help to one another. It is a technical program that connects those who are willing to invest their SPARE money with those that are willing for their desires to be fulfilled.

The capitalists control how most of us live and how we get our money – thereby placing a deposit and withdrawal limits (transaction limits) on our spendings, hence the gap between the rich and the poor is widening every day. People are living in debts that are created by the corrupt financial system, debts are meant to keep people in bondage for their whole lives. Systems like the financial institutions do not want people to live meaningful lives, school debt free, or have a debt free achievement. Rather, wants people to borrow from them at ridiculous interest rate that accumulates every week.

What if there is a way that people can rotate money among themselves and break the cycle of debts and lack just as in cooperative societies at every nooks and cranny of Nigeria?

Well, that is where Nairagecomes in, this is a platform that people can use to make sure that they help each other, and rely on each other as human beings who have compassion.

With Nairage, you can invest your SPARE money to help participant(s) in the community fulfill their financial needs, and in return you get rewarded with 8% (Naira) in 7 days.

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