How it Works

We provide members with an easy and transparent way to invest in each other through a peer-peer means.

How it Works

Our mission is to facilitate free and efficient movement of capital. On Nairage, member A can be peered to invest into members (Z, F, G, and C) or into only member (Q). The originators "program" which the platform operates" work randomly. There are no fees for investing, on the other hand, by connecting to the Nairage community, you can reap great rewards.




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Invest Amount

In simple terms, you register, update account, and create an Invest Now order. After creating theorder, system merges you with other member(s) whom you must pay within 48 hours. Immediately your payment is confirmed by the receiver(s), your investmentstarts growing and matured in 7 days. At the end maturity of your investment, you would be able to withdraw along with your investment 8% profits

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