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Who owns Nairage? has no owner, it was developed by Nairage Solutions Global Network Ltd for all Nigerians. "Created by the people for the people"

Where does the 8% interest come from?

This is an algorithm calculation created in the system in order to motivate the participants.

What about re-commitment?

Nairage is not a system to enrich a few while others are left stranded, as we believe in sustainability and financial freedom for ALL. So we have decided not to force recommitment on our members. However, we are sure that our integrity and your love for freedom will make you committed. It is important to sustain the system forever, this is not a get rich quick scheme but we need to sustain the system for long. Kindly give us all support for this to be achieved.

How many Invest Now can I create?

You can create ONLY one at a time. This means that as long as you have uncompleted Investment on your dashboard, you would not be able to create a new one. This is put in place to put money bags and greedy participants away from the community. Its for the interest of All.

How long can I access my funds after investment?

Investments are held in the community for 7 days before they are available for withdrawal.

When does the interest begin to grow?

Interest on investment starts immediately your payment is confirmed by the receiving member(s). This is to protect our community from participants who always recycle money which may cause uploading fake proof of payment(s)

For how long can I leave my money to grow?

Not more than 7 days. All matured investments on Nairage stops growing at exactly 7 days. Remember Nairage is not a bank where you can leave your money for long without activity, our community works better when members continually participate in the system. We advise everyone to withdraw out matured investments regularly to allow other participants to be able to invest also and make profits.

Can I open multiple accounts?

NO – only one account is allowed per participant, Nairage has the technology to track members that operate more than one account. If you are found guilty, all your accounts will be BLOCKED permanently and you will lose all your investments for violating the community's rules. WE PREFER ONLY 1000 REAL PARTICIPANTS THAN 1 MILLION FAKE PARTICIPANTS

Is Nairage legal?

There is no law against people willingly Investing into each other. Nairage is a peer to peer system that binds no one or force anyone to participate with their money.

What guarantees can I have that I will get my money back?

There are no guarantees on Nairage, the community is run and controlled by its members, therefore we encourage kindness and honesty in every participant, Participate with SPARE money. Please read our warnings page to find out more about the risk.

Is Nairage a Ponzi or Pyramid scheme?

NO - there is no central bank account in Nairage where money will be deposited. Nairage does not collect money from your personal bank account, there are no payments that are paid to any central account in the name of Nairage. Nairage is a pure peer to peer investment community, members invest money into each other with no obligations.

Minimum and maximum participation amount:

Minimum amount of investment is #1000, while the maximum is #100,000.

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