About Us

We are Nairage, a local online platform for deserving Nigerians.

About Us

Since launching in May 2018, Nairage has demonstrated exponential growth and has become the haven for Nigerians willing to make peaceful returns on their idle cash. Our members earn great returns and gain access to unparalleled diversification possibilities within a single community. We take members protection seriously. There is no service fee; you can invest only in Naira and start small.

Our Values


Growth mindset

we change the status quo. Member-centric growth is at the heart of everything we do. We know that success happens when you learn, so we never stop learning from each other and our experiences. We are a goal-oriented company, but our ambitions are based on sustainability.



Nairage is built on trust. We regard our participants as our companions in success, and we know that trust is born where there is transparency. That is why we encourage open lines of communication between members at all levels of the community, as well as with, regulators, and other participants.



We are positively obsessed with our members' satisfaction. We believe in simple, efficient, and hassle-free solutions that go the extra mile to improve people's lives. We have invested our passion for technology in creating Nairage and work to improve it every day.


Our Team

At the core of what we do is a team of devoted professionals, united by their passion for survival of all deserving Nigerians.


Our Name

The word 'Nairage' comes from Nigeria currency. It means in our language

  • A place where profits are made from love and trust;
  • An abundant amount of something, especially of money;
  • A place or source of intervention

Thus, our name - Nairage - reflects our mission to facilitate free and efficient movement of capital through technology among Nigerians..

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